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Update 20-12-2021

Due to the corona crisis there are mandatory lockdowns worldwide.
We are also taking measures to prevent the further spread of the corona virus.

To give you a overview of our corona measures, we have some questions and answers below:

Q: Can I still order my parts in your webshop?
A: Yes! Our webshop is open 24/7 and we are working as usual.
Every working day the parcels are picked up by DPD and PostNL, so your parcel will be shipped as usual.

Q: Is it possible that shipping takes longer then usual?
A: Yes this is possible. We are depending on the carriers to get your package delivered.
Because of the holidays and Covid 19, the carriers have to handle alot of packages.. so it is not strange that there could be some delays.
We would like to ask for your understanding.

Q: Can my package still be delivered at a local parcel shop?
A: Due to the mandatory lockdown it could be possible that some parcelshops are closed.
Check for yourself if your parcelshop is still open. This is your own responsibility.
If you are not sure, have your package delivered at home or somewhere else.

Q: Can I still pickup my parts in your warehouse?
A: Yes this is still possible, but order online and wait until you recieve an e-mail ready for pickup.
Also come alone and wear a mouth cap when you are entering our warehouse.
If your order isn’t ready yet, it is possible that you have to come back later.

Q: Can I ask questions and/or order parts on the spot?
A: No, it is not possible to order parts on the spot with a co-worker.
We don’t answer technical questions, advise or customer service on the spot. In advance please send us a e-mail with your questions.
You are only allowed to drop by to pick up an order that is ready. Come alone and wear a mouth cap when entering our warehouse.

Q: How do I reach you for questions?
A: You can reach us via e-mail directly on or click here.
We will try to reply your e-mail during business hours as soon as possible.