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Cylinder Tomos A35 / A52 65cc Maxwell tuning set "subtle" complete + RS cigar

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10923 10923 10923 Maxwell
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  • Brand: Maxwell
  • Model: 10923


Complete 65cc "subtle" tuning kit for Tomos A35 with Maxwell reed valve cylinder

Set contains:

  • Maxwell 65cc 44mm reed valve cylinder with pin 12 piston
  • High pressure head "Puch new model"
  • NGK B7HS spark plug
  • Fast reed valve fiber with 4x allen bolt
  • 15mm manifold 
  • Original Dellorto SHA 15 carburetor with mesh filter and cap
  • 6x 5mm jets sizes 64-66-68-70-72-74
  • Artein replacement filter for the standard A35 air filter box 
  • RS cigar exhaust chrome complete with 28mm manifold and clamp (Note: Some center stands may not work because of the thickness of the silencer)
  • 2x exhaust studs M6
  • 2x long brass exhaust nuts M6
  • The gasket kit includes an old model base gasket, if you have large coil ports order a new model foot gasket along.
  • Shorten the exhaust manifold length yoursel to the desired length for easy fitting and the best performance.
  • Do you prefer a power / foam air filter? See related products.
  • Do you have a 25 km/h model ? Set the ignition to 45 km/h mode. You need a flywheel puller and a piston stop for this (see related products). Note, not applicable if you have an ignition with pickup.
  • A standard moped sprocket ratio is 26/33. For a higher top speed, replace your rear sprocket for a smaller one, e.g. 22 teeth.
  • The advantage of this set is that the exhaust is quiet and subtle. You can also keep the stock side covers.
Notes for this set
  • The 15mm manifold has a hole for oil pump/hose supply. Don't have a oil pump Then order a the blocking bolt (see related products)
  • The throttle cable adjuster on top of the carburetor is pointing upwards. Should it point forward? Swap the old one or get a new one (see related products)
  • Don't have a stock air filter box? Get a new one (see related products)
  • Do you have a Euro2 frame model? (exhaust mount with 2 holes), then order the euro2 bracket or shock absorber mount (see related products)
  • Note: Some center stands may not work because of the thickness of the silencer

When using all exhausts, black painted, chrome and blanc exhausts, heat build-up at the exhaust manifold can cause the following:

  • At black outlets the paint can dissolve a little.
  • Chrome and blanc exhaust manifolds may discolour

If the nozzle is too small or if the ignition is set incorrectly, the exhaust port becomes very hot and discoloring and dissolve of the paint on the exhaust manifold will occur faster than a perfectly adjusted engine. We give no guarantee on discoloration or solving of the paint on the exhaust manifold!

For Tomos A35 / A52 with reed valve cylinder

  • Tomos A35
  • Tomos Standard
  • Tomos Classic 
  • Tomos Quadro
  • Tomos Luxe
  • Tomos Flexer / Sport'R
  • Tomos Pack'R
  • Tomos Youngst'R
  • Tomos Revival A35 
  • Tomos Wizz'rd
  • Tomos Califone
  • Tomos Roadie
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Product specifications

Cylinder / head
Cylinder diameter44mm
Cylinder Displacement65cc
Piston pin12
Weight:3000 gram

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