Clutch Tomos A35 / A55 1st gear Jasil Top Racing EVO high tech

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10752 10752 10752 Jasil
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  • Brand: Jasil
  • Model: 10752


High performance 1st gear sport clutch by Jasil (Top Racing), made in Portugal!

*temporary introduction offer*

  • Highly recommended for every stock and tuned Tomos moped!
  • For Tomos A35 and A55 1st gear clutches
  • 3 sets of clutch springs are included: 1.5mm, 1.6mm and 1.7mm.
    The 1.5mm springs are mounted by default
    - 1.5mm (soft) for stock Tomos
    - 1.6mm (medium) for tuned engine
    - 1.7mm (hard) for extreem tuned engine

Always check the Allen bolts before assembly, secure them yourself with loctite before installation. We recommend soaking the clutch in ATF oil for 24 hours before assembly, this is to prevent wear on 1st use.

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