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Cylinder Puch Maxi 65cc 44mm NM Polini reed valve for Tomos

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Model: 10043
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Attention! Cylinder for the quick and handy craftsman!

  • This is a Puch Maxi cylinder that can be made to fit a Tomos A3 / A35 / A55 / various models.
  • Not for the novice wrencher!
  • Crankshaft stroke and stud mounting distance of a Tomos is the same as for a Puch Maxi.
  • To fit this cylinder to a Tomos, you will need to modify the exhaust flange of your exhaust, you will need to modify the manifold and you may need to boring your crankcase and/or reshape the ports.

Polini 65cc reed valve cylinder

  • Aluminium, Nicasil wall.
  • Piston included (piston pin 12mm)
  • Reed valve cylinder
  • Cylinder model NM (new model) Puch Maxi
  • Manifold (20mm outer diameter) 
  • With gasket set
  • One of the fastest cylinders for Puch Maxi
  • Cylinder base outer diameter: 48mm

Attention! Very sensitive cylinder!

  • Mount cylinder with 8 Nm, fit gaskets in the inlet section with liquid gasket and do not tighten too tightly. Then you have a cylinder that lasts a long time and is very fast.

Preparation for assembly

We always advise to check and clean the cylinder thoroughly before installation and to finish the ports in the cylinder slightly with a 1000 grit sandpaper so that the edges are no longer so sharp due to the Nicasil coating, in order to extend the life of the cylinder/piston considerably.

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Category: Engine parts
Type product: Cylinder / head
Type product: Puch tuning cylinders
Cylinder / head
Cylinder diameter:44mm
Cylinder Displacement:65cc
Piston pin:12
Weight:1300 gram

Polini! Tuning your moped can be done in several ways. Tuning and modifying your moped lightly or heavily. With Polini for Tomos, you always go one step further. Polini has been well-known in the moped and motorbike world for 80 years. Founded in Italy by Battista Polini in 1940, started with the idea that mopeds and motorbikes could be made better for racing than original. Engines and mopeds heavily tuned for racing with very high quality became a reality. Polini parts for Tomos can be bought within each category. Polini makes cylinder sets, reedvalves, exhausts, ignitions, air filters for Tomos, brake segments for Tomos, carburetor, clutch, crankshaft, crankcases and gaskets. Unique parts like e.g. the Polini CP Carburettors, from 15mm clamp version to 21mm spigot can be bought at (Click here for our entire Polini range

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