Cylinder Tomos A35 / A52 65cc Airsal tuning set "subtle" complete + RS sigaar

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Complete 65cc "subtle" tuning kit for Tomos A35 with Airsal reed valve cylinder
Set contains:
  • Airsal 65cc 44mm reed valve cylinder
  • Airsal reed valve
  • Airsal gasket set with 0.5mm head gasket
  • High pressure head "Puch new model"
  • NGK B7HS spark plug
  • 15mm manifold 
  • Original Dellorto SHA 15 carburetor with mesh filter and cap
  • 6x 5mm jets sizes 70-72-74-76-78-80
  • TwinAir upgrade replacement filter for original airbox
  • RS cigar chrome with 28mm manifold and clamp with rubber
  • 2x long brass exhaust nuts M6
  • Shorten the exhaust manifold length yoursel to the desired length for easy fitting and the best performance.
  • Do you have a 25 km/h model and a ignition without pick-up? Set the ignition to 45 km/h mode. You need a flywheel puller and a piston stop for this (see related products).
  • A standard moped sprocket ratio is 26/33. For a higher top speed, replace your rear sprocket for a smaller one, e.g. 22 teeth.
  • The 15mm manifold has a hole for oil pump/hose supply. Don't have a oil pump Then order a the blocking bolt (see related products)
  • The throttle cable adjuster on top of the carburetor is pointing upwards. Should it point forward? Swap the old one or get a new one (see related products)
  • Do you have a Euro2 frame model? (exhaust mount with 2 holes), then order the euro2 bracket or shock absorber mount (see related products)
  • Note: Some center stands may not work because of the thickness of the silencer
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Product specifications

Cylinder / head
Cylinder diameter44mm
Cylinder Displacement65cc
Piston pin12

Info center

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