Ekowax starter kit cleaner 1000ml

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Starter Kit Ekowax cleaner 1000ml spray bottle including  microfibre cloth.

Ekowax Cleaner is a highly effective and ready-to-use cleaning agent. Ekowax Cleaner can be used to safely clean painted and sprayed surfaces, fabrics, carpet, tiles, marble, laminate and linoleum.

This product is both an all-purpose cleaner and a maintenance cleaner. It has a pleasant fresh spring flower fragrance when used.

Ekowax Cleaner has a surface cleaning effect, has an intensive cleaning power and is NTA free. The Tenside and Complex formers used are biodegradable.

Instructions for use

  • Ekowax Cleaner can be used undiluted, but also diluted between 10% and 50%. This product is suitable for use in carpet cleaners due to its low foaming properties.
  • When in doubt about the surface to be cleaned, first test the product on an invisible area.
  • Ekowax Cleaner is in liquid form and has a pH value of approx. 9 at 20ºC. The shelf life of this product is 3 years, store in a frost-free place, advice: store at 20ºC.

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