Stick it to your Tomos! (literally)

We have original Tomos stickers and emblems in all sizes, but also stickers to give your Tomos that unique, special look! Stickers for your tank, licence plate holder, side panels, mudguards, front fork, but also rim tapes, wheel rims and sponsor sticker bells. A must: our felt squeegee to apply your stickers incredibly smoothly.


Sticker felt squeegee Orcacal
Tomoshop stickerset 2.0
Aufkleber Polini 3-Teilig
Fuel mix sticker German RealMetal® gold color
Gasoline mix sticker German RealMetal® copper color
Gasoline mix sticker German RealMetal® silver color
Oldskool oil sticker
Rim tape sticker 5mm black 6 meter
Rim tape sticker 5mm green 6 meter
Rim tape sticker 5mm white 6 meter
Rim tape sticker 7mm blue 6 meter
Rim tape sticker 7mm red 6 meter
Rim tape sticker applicator 5mm
Sticker Homoet Demper original
Sticker Polini 12x4cm
Sticker set Malossi 10-pieces
Sticker Tomos - Puch logo 95x42mm
Sticker Tomos 4TL logo 66x76mm
Sticker Tomos 4TL logo 68x78mm
Sticker Tomos Automatic red / black set universal
Sticker Tomos black / gray v1
Sticker Tomos black / gray v2
Sticker Tomos Classic / Classic XL tank + frame set
Sticker Tomos logo 146x30mm
Sticker Tomos logo 163x27mm
Sticker Tomos logo 188x27mm
Sticker Tomos logo 203x21mm
Sticker Tomos logo round 100mm
Sticker Tomos logo round 50mm
Sticker Tomos logo set 203x21mm
Sticker Tomos Luxe E-start 6-delig
Sticker Tomos Standard orange set
Sticker Tomos Wizz'rd set
Sticker Tomos yellow / red
Sticker Tomos Youngst'R EX complete
Stickerset KTM 12-piece
Stickerset Malossi 3D 3 pieces
Stickerset Motul / NGK etc.
Stickerset Racing
Stickerset sponsor Shell / Alice
Stickerset sponsor Shell / NGK
Stickersheet carbon-look 25x35cm
Tomos sticker black
Tomos sticker white
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