Tomos Ignitions and parts

Ignitions original or with inner rotor or electronic and also corresponding loose parts like condensers, coils, voltage regulators and flywheels. Need help? Contact us and we'll get straight to the point.

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Ignition / parts

Flywheel cooling fin Tomos 4L / APN-4
Ignition breaker point with cable
Ignition capacitor solder
Ignition capacitor with nut
Ignition capacitor with nut Effe
Ignition coil bracket MLM
Ignition coil external replica
Ignition HPI 210 (2-Ten) CDI unit
Ignition HPI 210 (2-Ten) with light 12V 40 watt universal
Ignition inner rotor HPI 068 Tomos universal
Ignition inner rotor PVL coil
Ignition inner rotor PVL rotor
Ignition inner rotor PVL stator
Ignition inner rotor PVL Tomos universal
Ignition inner rotor Selettra KZ Tomos universal
Ignition Kokusan CDI unit
Ignition model Bosch electronic coil
Ignition model Bosch felt washer
Ignition model Bosch ground plate (also Iskra / Ducati)
Showing 1 to 80 of 80 (1 pages)