Tomos exhaust silencers and manifolds at dampened prices

Not only the eye wants something, but also the ear. Here you will find a wide range of different models of 28mm and 32mm exhaust silencers and silencers, in clear, chrome and trendy black. Will it be the original aluminium silencer for Tomos, or the world's first Sidepipe silencer for mopeds? It has a pleasant volume even at high revs. Your Tomos, your statement!

Exhaust silencers and manifolds

Exhaust clamp 30-32mm double model
Exhaust clamp 30mm
Exhaust clamp 30mm with rubber
Exhaust clamp 32mm
Exhaust clamp 38-39mm double model
Exhaust clamp 50mm universal
Exhaust clamp 60mm universal
Exhaust clamp 64mm universal
Exhaust clamp 70mm universal
Exhaust end piece RS Cigar
Exhaust reducer bush 26mm-28mm
Exhaust silencer filling
Exhaust silencer universal 28mm sidepipe 60mm black
Exhaust silencer universal 28mm sidepipe 60mm chrome
Exhaust silencer universal Tecnigas Next R black
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