Assortment sets

If you are tinkering around and need a screw or nut, a cable boot, an o-ring or washer, a hose clamp, helicoil, cable tie or retaining ring, then of course you do not want to miss out. With our sets, you ensure that you always have enough of those frequently used items at home, conveniently stored in assortment boxes. 

Assortment sets

Angle grinder flap disc 115mm K 40
Angle grinder Flap disc 115mm K 60
Angle grinder Flap disc 115mm K 80
Assortment case 8 box 19x16x4 cm
Blind nut rivet set steel 150-pieces
Blind nut rivet tool 41-pieces
Circlips assortment outer / inner 300-pieces
Cotters assortment 144-pieces
Funnel 4-piece

€ 1,50

Gasket scraper blades 12x
Helicoil repair set M6x1.0
Helicoil repair set M7x1.0
Helicoil repair set M8x1.25

€ 38,95 € 29,95

Helicoils M6x1.0 (25 pieces)
Helicoils M7x1.0 (25 pieces)

€ 20,90 € 17,00

Hose clamps assortment 26-pieces
Hose clamps assortment 40-pieces
Metal drills set HSS 4 pieces
Multi tool accessory set 12-pieces
Multi tool accessory set 12-pieces
Multi tool accessory set 24-pieces
Multi tool accessory set 59-pieces
Multi tool with accessories in case
O-ring 419-pieces
Permanent marker 4 colors
Spring assortment 200-pieces
Tiewrap assortment white 60-pieces
Tiewrap black 14 cm
Tiewrap black 20 cm
Tiewrap black 29 cm
Toolbox 42 x 23 x 20 cm
Washers assortment 350-pieces
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