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Moped maintenance: Tomos cables and switches

Are you having electrical problems on your Tomos? Is your handlebar switch no longer working properly? In this video you'll find tips & tricks on how to fix it, presented by your Mafketel Stijn!...
17 April 2023

VEC TV-2E ignition coil manual

Electronic ignition module TV-2E is a device made for transformation of contact based magneto with the ignition coil and „breaker contacts“ to contact-free type of magneto. ...
19 September 2022

Tank Cure manual | How do you use it?

"Tank Cure" products enable you to recondition the inside of your fueltank in a professional way. This petrol resistant Tank Sealant is adopted on a large scale in The Netherlands, Germany, England and Belgium. Users have build up more then 15 years of very satisfying experience with this sealant. I...
19 September 2022
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