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We regularly receive new products. Not only parts, but also components and accessories to decorate and customize your Tomos, like stickers, mudguards, saddles, grips, frame parts, engine parts and so on. Here you can see them at a glance.


Fuse holder with wire universal
Autosol Plastic Cleaner paste 75ml
Multitool 16 parts for mopeds
Handlebar universal cross ProTaper style
Flag with Tomos logo 150 x 200 cm
Rear sprocket Tomos 2L / 3L 28 teeth
Clutch spring Tomos 2L / 3L
Clutch axle Tomos 2L / 3L circlip
Clutch axle Tomos 2L / 3L 85mm
Clutch axle Tomos 2L / 3L 75mm
Polini CP 12/22 gas needle
Polini CP 14/22 gas needle
Luggage carrier strap grey universal
Tire bicycle pump universal chrome
Pedals Union with reflector classic
Blind nut rivet set steel 150-pieces
Clutch hub 1st gear Tomos A3
Tomos 4L 5th gear sprocket set
Spoke kit 160mm universal / Sparta Lucky
Air filter 45mm foam TwinAir
Air filter 40mm foam small TwinAir
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