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19 inch 2.50x19 Continental white wall tire Tomos 2L / 3L

€ 89,00
Ex Tax: € 73,55
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Model: 160073
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  • Continental KKS10WW - 2.50x19.
  • For Tomos 2L, 3L
  • Tires type: TT
  • Tires load index (Li): 45 (165 kg)
  • Tires speed index (Si):  J (100 km/h)

Note: Please note that whitewall tyres always turn yellow. This happens due to influences of (sun) light UV, weather influences, aggressive cleaning agents, liquids and exhaust gasses. This process takes effect immediately after the UV coating or protective film is removed from the tyre.

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Category: Choose Tomos model
Type product: Tomos 2L / 3L / 4L
Type product: Frame parts
Type product: Wheels / Tires
Tire size:19 inch
Tire width:2.50
White wall:Yes
Tire profile:Street
Tires load index:45 (165 kg)
Tires type (TT / TL):TT (tube type)
Tires speed index :J (100 km/h)
Weight:1400 gram

Continental, one of our top tyre brands, available in many sizes and types, from regular street tyre to racing tyre and classic white wall tyres. Continental has a tyre for every need, and a wide range for Tomos as well.

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