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Shipping with Swiss Post

Shipping with Swiss Post

Fast and free shipping to Switzerland with Swiss Post!

We are pleased to offer our Swiss customers a direct shipping service via Switzerland's national postal service, better known as Swiss Post.

Shipping with Swiss Post offers you as a Swiss customer several advantages:

Lower shipping costs

Compared to other shipping services, the shipping costs with Swiss Post are significantly lower. For € 20, we deliver a parcel with a maximum weight of 30 kg including customs clearance to your home.

Fast delivery time

Average delivery time of 6-8 working days from the day of dispatch in Switzerland.

No unexpected costs

We cover the Swiss VAT of 8.1% at Swiss Post for you. As these costs are transparent and clearly visible in advance, you won't be faced with any surprises afterwards. Swiss Post also doesn't have to contact you to collect the VAT amount due, which avoids potential delays.

Free shipping from € 200.00

Yes, you read that right; free shipping to Switzerland! Orders over € 200.00 are delivered free of charge to an address in Switzerland. The only thing you have to pay as a customer is the Swiss VAT of 8.1%.

Sample invoice Swiss Post

The product prices are displayed without VAT, the Swiss VAT of 8.1% is included in the total amount. In the following example, we have carried out two sample calculations.

Ohne kostenlosem Versand

In this example, we have an order totalling € 150.00 parts (0% VAT), which is the amount you pay in the checkout and therefore includes all costs.

  • Parts (0% VAT): € 150.00
  • CH VAT (8,1%): € 12,15 
  • Shipping costs Swiss Post: € 20,00 
  • Total amount: € 182,15 

With free shipping

In this example, we have an order for € 200.00 parts (0% VAT) that is eligible for free shipping. This is the amount you pay in the checkout and includes all costs. 

  • Parts (0% VAT): € 200.00 
  • CH VAT (8,1%): € 16,20 
  • Free shipping Swiss Post: € 0,00 
  • Total amount: € 216,20 
Our customers are very happy with our service!
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