Good maintenance is half the job

Regular maintenance is very important for the durability and reliability of your Tomos. On this page you will find our specially selected parts that can be used for the maintenance of any Tomos moped.


2-stroke oil Eurol Formax + clutch-oil (combi-offer!)
2-stroke oil Repsol 125ml to go
2-stroke oil Valvoline 1 liter
4-stroke oil 10W-40 Eurol 1000ml
Air filter oil Malossi 250ml
Airfilter SHA Tomos A35 original complete (A-quality)
Autosol Plastic Cleaner paste 75ml
Ball bearing grease Eurol 110ml
Ball bearing grease Eurol 600ml
Ball bearing grease Kroon 65ml
Bearing and seal overhaul set for Tomos A3 (with pedals)
Bearing and seal overhaul set for Tomos A35 / A52 / A55
Brake disc Tomos Youngst'R / Funtastic / Racing 190mm
Brake fluid oil Eurol DOT 4 250ml
Brake lever nipple for Tomos
Brake shoes Tomos 2L / 3L / 4L
Brake shoes Tomos A3 (90 mm)
Brakecleaner Eurol 500ml
Brakecleaner Eurol 500ml 12 pieces
Brakecleaner Eurol 500ml 6 pieces

€ 17,40 € 15,65

Brakecleaner MoTip (12 cans)

€ 42,00 € 33,60

Brakecleaner MoTip 500ml
Chain brush universal blue
Chain punch pedal start chain
Chain spray Valvoline 400ml
Chain tool for 415 / 420 chain
Clutch-oil ATF Eurol 1 liter
Clutch-oil ATF Eurol 250ml
Clutch-oil ATF Eurol 250ml 4 bottles
Clutch-oil ATF Eurol 250ml refreshment-kit
Copper grease 100 gram
Copper grease MoTip 400ml
Crankshaft support plate universal
Ekowax Glas (nano)coating 250ml
Ekowax starter kit cleaner 1000ml
Exhaust gasket 20mm
Exhaust gasket 22mm with ring
Exhaust gasket 26mm
Exhaust gasket 27mm with ring
Filter oil Putoline 600ml
Flywheel puller M19x1
Flywheel puller M27x1 Buzetti
Gasket paper 0.15mm 195x475mm
Gasket paper 0.20mm 300x450mm
Gasket paper 0.30mm 300x450mm
Gasket paper 0.40mm 300x450mm
Gasket paper 0.50mm 300x450mm
Gasket scraper

€ 2,90

Gasket scraper blades 12x
Head gasket 50cc (38mm) 1.0mm
Head gasket 50cc (38mm) 1mm alu
Knee mat 46x28x4cm extra thick
Maintenance Kit Tomos A35 big

€ 31,45 € 27,50

Maintenance Kit Tomos A35 small
Maintenance kit universal

€ 24,59 € 21,50

Microfibre cloth 40x40cm 2 pieces
Motul Chrome Polish 500ml
Oil sump 15 litre with spout
Oil sump 5 litre with spout
Piston stop tool M14x1.25
Rust Arrestor Rust Conditioner 250ml
Rust Arrestor Tanksealer 1K 500ml
Siliconespray MoTip 400ml
Spark plug brush

€ 2,25

Spark plug key

€ 2,75

Spark plug key T-Handle
Spark plug NGK BR10HIX Iridium
Spark plug NGK BR8HIX Iridium
Spark plug NGK BR9HIX Iridium
Spark plug wrench long version
Spark plug wrench strong version
Tank Cure Epoxy Remover 500ml
Tank Cure Rust Remover 500ml
Tank Cure tankcoating 450 gram
Tank Cure tankcoating 450 gram set
Tank Cure tankcoating 600 gram
Tomos moped wash shampoo
Triboron 4-stroke Fuel Formula 500ml
WD-40 Multi-use 200ml
Wheel protector set
White Vaseline acidfree 50 gram
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