Hot wheels for cool prices!

The wheels of your Tomos are real eye-catchers. And for that you are here on the right (web) address. Of course complete chrome wire wheels, plus all thinkable parts like ball bearings, axles, wheel hubs, wheel nuts, counter drives, brake plate anchors and even loose spokes....

We have a large assortment. With chrome wheels, your Tomos gets the ideal original look, and you are also assured of solidly constructed wheels on which rust does not get a hold. We have almost everything in stock, so we will have delivered as soon as possible.
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Axles / Wheels

Axle front wheel Tomos 2L / 3L
Axle rear wheel hollow Tomos 2L / 3L
Ball bearing grease Kroon 60ml
Hub brusher black 75 cm
Hub brusher blue 75 cm
Hub brusher Germany 75 cm
Hub brusher green 75 cm

€ 4,75 € 3,10

Hub brusher Holland 75 cm
Hub brusher red 75 cm
Hub brusher set rainbow
Hub Tomos 2L / 3L cover sprocket
Hub Tomos 2L / 3L hub cap front
Hub Tomos 2L / 3L hub cap rear
Hub Tomos 2L / 3L spoke wheel front
Hub Tomos 2L / 3L spoke wheel rear
MoTip Wheelcleaner 600ml
Motul Chrome Polish 500ml
Nut for hollow axle Tomos 2L / 3L
Nut M12x1 selflocking nut Tomos
Nut M12x1.25 galvanized
Penetrating oil MoTip 400ml
Spoke covers black (2x 38 pieces)
Spoke covers black (36 pieces)
Spoke covers blue (2x 38 pieces)
Spoke covers red (2x 38 pieces)
Spoke covers red (36 pieces)
Spoke covers white (2x 38 pieces)
Spoke kit 160mm universal / Sparta Lucky
Spoke wrench tool
Spoke wrench tool Simson A-quality
Star lock washer 10mm
Star lock washer 12mm
Wash glove micro fiber for rims
Washer M16 galvanized
Washer ring M12

€ 0,38

Wheel protector set
Showing 1 to 129 of 129 (1 pages)