New European VAT rules for web shops go into effect on 1 July 2021 sells its Tomos parts throughout Europe and therefore we exceed the applicable threshold of € 10.000,= for distance selling. This means that we have to pay VAT for each European country to which we deliver parts to private consumers.

This Union regulation will apply to all companies within Europe. We will file a VAT declaration for all these countries via one desk. This means that the VAT amount shown in the webshop can differ per European country because not every country has the same VAT rates.

What does this mean for you as a customer? In principle nothing will change for our customers, when you are logged in to your account in the webshop you will see the prices that apply to your country based on the VAT rates that apply to your country. It is therefore possible that a customer in Denmark, which has a VAT rate of 25%, will pay more for a product from our webshop than a customer in Germany where the VAT rate is 19%. This explains why the webshop prices can differ in different countries within Europe.

More information about the Union Regulation can be found here: