Other frame parts

Cable guide Tomos A35 black plastic
Cable guide Tomos A35 blank steel
Carrying bracket Tomos 2L / 3L
Chainlock MKX 120 cm black
Chainlock MKX 90 cm ART ***
Cover cap M6 nut black
Cover cap M6 nut white
Cover cap M8 nut black
Cover cap M8 nut white
Grommet 31x15mm

€ 1,00

Grommet for cable (a piece)
Horn air horn 12V 2-tones universal
Ignition lock 5-plug Tomos various models e-start original
Moped cover

€ 20,90

Moped protective cover Protect luxe
Mudguard Tomos original
Mudguard Tomos universal
Mudguard universal
Oil cap Tomos Revival
Plate nut speednut M5
Plate nut speednut M6
Race mesh black

€ 7,90

Race mesh blue

€ 6,90

Race mesh gold

€ 6,90

Race mesh red

€ 6,90

Race mesh silver

€ 6,90

Race mesh white

€ 6,90

Rear fender Tomos Funtastic spacer
Reflector orange front fork
Reflector red Tomos rear mudguard
Side cover rubber Tomos (a piece)
Silent rubber M6

€ 2,95

Silent rubber M8

€ 2,50

Star lock washer 12mm
Tool cover button Tomos oldtimer
U lock small

€ 21,90

Washer ring M12

€ 0,38

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