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2-stroke oil Castrol Power RS 1 liter (2x offer)

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Model: 22070
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Castrol Power RS 2-stroke oil - Offer of 2x 1 liter bottles!

Castrol Power RS 2T is a fully synthetic oil for two-stroke engines that has been specifically developed to provide a very strong, ever-renewing and protective lubricating film on all major engine components. Castrol Power RS 2T has been developed for Japanese and European 2-stroke both racing and motocross bikes, equipped with the most powerful engines

  • Content: 2x 1 liter bottle = 2 liter (offer!)
  • The replacement and improved version of the Castrol TTS.
  • Castrol Power RS 2T outperforms comparable oils when exposed to these high speeds, loads and temperatures. Fully synthetic 2-stroke engine oil
  • Strong, protective lubricating film at any temperature
  • Developed for oil injection or blended lubrication up to 1:50
  • Excellent protection even at very high engine speeds
  • Protection at very high thermal and mechanical loads
  • Protection against piston ring sticking and piston seizure
  • Cleaner engine
  • Visibly less smoke
  • Castrol number 15F531


  • Castrol Power RS 2T responds to changes in engine temperature that often occur in high-performance two-stroke engines. As a result, this oil provides extra protection when needed. Castrol Power RS 2T ensures maximum and long-lasting performance even at full throttle and high engine speeds. In addition, this oil gives unsurpassed protection under high thermal and mechanical loads. High-performance two-stroke engines need a high-quality oil that provides protection at the highest engine speeds, be
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Category: Choose Tomos model
Type product: Tomos Standard
Type product: Engine parts
Type product: Engine miscellaneous
Weight:2400 gram

Castrol is here to help every driver, every rider and every industry in the world. Castrol does that through liquid engineering. That means they make high-performance oils, lubricants, fluids and greases for every application you can think of. They also know that everything in your life needs to run smoothly, so they lubricate every part of your car or motorbike, the escalators at your local mall, the lift at your office, and even the production line on which your Tomos parts were made. Know in the Tomosscene for their Castrol RS and Castrol 747.

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