Tomos tyre accessories 

New tyres really stand out with our valve caps! From Malossi valve caps to spikes or luminescent, for the real custom look. It's the small details that really finish your Tomos moped!

Tire accessories

Hub brusher black 75 cm
Hub brusher blue 75 cm
Hub brusher Germany 75 cm
Hub brusher green 75 cm
Hub brusher Holland 75 cm
Hub brusher red 75 cm
Hub brusher set rainbow
Rim tape sticker 5mm green 6 meter
Rim tape sticker 5mm white 6 meter
Rim tape sticker 7mm blue 6 meter
Rim tape sticker 7mm red 6 meter
Rim tape sticker applicator 5mm
Tire Marker white
Valve caps piston blue
Valve caps piston gold
Valve caps piston red
Valve caps PVC black
Valve caps set aluminium Malossi
Valve Caps Set Bullit blue
Valve Caps Set Bullit gold
Valve Caps Set Bullit red
Valve Caps set dice black
Valve Caps set dice blue
Valve Caps set dice red
Valve Caps Set hand grenade gold
Valve caps set LED clear
Valve Caps Set piston black
Valve Caps Set Piston blank alu
Valve Caps Set piston purple
Valve Caps Set spike purple
Valve caps spike black
Valve caps spike blue
Valve caps spike clear
Valve caps spike gold
Valve caps spike red
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