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Update 05-05

It is possible again to have your packages shipped to the UK with DPD! 
See the checkout for your shipping options.

Update 25-01
At this moment we are only shipping to the UK with PostNL (Royal Mail) because of the huge delays and problems at DPD UK.
DPD will be available again as soon as possible.

Dear UK customers,

After the Brexit the rules of shipping products from an EU country to the UK have changed dramatically. Because of the last minute Brexit deal, the introduction and implementation of these rules was a race against the clock for many companies. The shipping companies and customs had to adjust their systems within 2 days.

The new HMRC shipping rules to the UK:

Orders up to £ 135,- (€ 150,-) including VAT and postage are delivered with 21% VAT, this is a rule ordered by the HMRC. For these shipments we will make an online import declaration. We have to keep all the details and make a VAT declaration to HMRC whereby the VAT is paid in the UK. In short, this means that for orders up to £ 135,-, we are responsible for paying this VAT amount to the HMRC on shipments to the UK.

For order over £ 135,- (€ 150,-) including VAT and postage, the HMRC rules are different. We will refund the VAT to the customer and make an online import declaration. Packages send with PostNL are being taken over by Royal Mail in the UK. Packages send with DPD NL are taken over by DPD UK. The shipping company in the UK will request the recipient of the package for the UK VAT + shipping company fee / adminstration costs (+/- £5,- / £15,-). The amount of the UK VAT is based on the data on the import declaration. Your package will be delivered when you have paid for these costs. 

As UK customs is currently overloaded, it is possible that some shipments will be delayed, which is of course beyond our control. Also, In the last 2 weeks, we experienced that some packages are being sent back to us without explanation which we then have to send again. We all have to get through this period of adjustment and will do everything possible to be of service to you as a Tomoshop customer as soon as always. If you have any questions about your shipment or if you did not receive a tracking code, please e-mail us on

With kind regards,

- BV