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Tomoshop warranty & complains information

When you buy a product from Tomoshop, you always have the right to a good product within the warranty period (with normal use). If a product does not come up to your expectations, we will always look for a suitable solution.

You can read more about the warranty period in our terms & conditions.

After you have reported this, we will investigate whether the defect can be repaired or whether we have to replace the product. If this is not possible, we offer you the possibility to get (part of) the purchase price back.

Please note! We do not give any warranty on our "outlet / 2nd chance" assortment.

Did we deliver an item incorrectly or did you receive a defective item? Please contact our customer service first.

If you believe a product is not working correctly, we kindly ask you to notify us first. Our customer service will then try to assist you, as the problem is often easy to solve.

You can simply contact us via e-mail or WhatsApp for this. Always mention the order number! This can be found in the confirmation e-mail and/or if you have a Tomoshop account under My orders.

Is this not successful? In some cases, it may be necessary to return the product so that our technical department can assess the complaint by testing the product itself. This requires us to assemble and/or connect the product. If the investigation shows that the product is actually defective or contains a manufacturing fault, we will replace it.

If, after examination, it appears that a part has become defective or does not work due to incorrect use by the user, we can replace and/or repair this part. However, we are then required to charge a fee for this, plus any shipping costs for the return shipment back to the customer. We will always discuss this with the customer first to see if anything needs to be replaced and/or repaired, specifying any additional costs.

Our commitment is to resolve any issues in a fair and transparent manner.

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