Cylinder 50cc (38mm) cast iron 45 km/h complete for Tomos A3 / A35

Model: 10318
Status: In stock


  • Cast iron.
  • 50cc / 38mm
  • Fits i.a. A3 / A35 
  • Pin 12
  • 45 km/h replacement cylinder
  • 1x headgasket, 1x base gasket, 1x exhaust gasket and 1x reed valve gasket included.
    You need 2 reed valve gaskets in total. Don't forget to order 1x reed valve gasket, see related products)

  • It could be possible that you need to finish the reed valve port for the reed valve, this can be done with a file and / or multi tool!
€ 54,50

€ 49,50

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Displacement 50cc
Pin 12

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