Our cylinders are simply the best

Need a Tomos Standard A35 cylinder? We certainly have it! Both standard and tuning, from 50cc to 70cc. Among others from Airsal, DMP, Maxwell and more....

We also have complete cylinder sets
So including matching pistons, gaskets, heads etc. For various Tomos models . We have cylinders made of cast iron and aluminium. The advantage of a cast iron cylinder is that it is easier to hone, for example after a seized piston. Aluminium cylinders are often faster and last longer because they do not wear out as quickly, and they are thermally better than cast iron cylinders. Need advice? Contact us and we will help you quickly.
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Cylinder / head

Tomos A35 25 km/h to 45 km/h conversion set stock with piston
Cylinder Tomos A35 / A52 70cc Parmakit (45mm)
Flange nut M7 high model chrome
Gasket kit 50cc Tomos A35 new model complete A-quality
Gasket set 50cc cylinder 5-piece Tomos A35 new model
Hex nut M7 galvanized
Nut M7 22mm 3D

€ 1,09

Nuts and rings cylinder / head M7
Washer M7 galvanized
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