DPD deposit authorisation

Don't use the DPD deposit authorisation!

DPD deposit authorisation for packages

It is possible with DPD to issue a drop-off consent. This is an agreement that you, as recipient, make with DPD. We have no view or influence on this and cannot view, change or (de)activate it for you. 

By issuing a drop-off authorisation, the associated risks are accepted by the recipient and the liability for any loss and/or damage lapses. There is therefore no longer any right of claim. In the event of damage, theft or loss, we as sender can no longer make any claims against DPD when the recipient issues a drop-off authorisation. 

We therefore advise you NOT to issue a drop-off authorisation or to withdraw this authorisation. You should always sign for receipt upon delivery. We also advise you to always check carefully upon receipt whether you have actually received the number of parcels you signed for.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions (article 7.7), you agree to the fact that in the case of a delivery with a drop-off authorisation, this is entirely at your own risk. If the parcel turns out to be missing after delivery, the damage will not be compensated.