All electrical parts for your Tomos moped, shockingly good!

For spark plugs, spark plug caps, spanners and cables, complete ignition packs, killswitches, coils, contact points and all other electrical parts for your Tomos, you don't have to look any further. Here you will find a wide choice from many brands such as Bosch, NGK, PVL, HPI and EFFE. Almost everything is in stock, so it will be delivered quickly.

From battery to soldering iron

Besides the parts mentioned above, we are also the right (web) address for things like electrical wire, voltage regulators, pull starters, shrink tubes, poulie pullers, terminal blocks, contact points, capacitors, cooling vents and all kinds of tools like a cable shoe/ stripper and soldering iron.

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Electronic / ignition

Battery AA Duracell / Procell
Battery AA Philips (16 pieces)
Battery AAA Varta
Clutch and flywheel locking key
Electric cable black (per meter)
Electric cable blue (per meter)
Electric cable brown (per meter)
Electric cable green (per meter)
Electric cable red (per meter)
Electric cable white (per meter)
Electric cable yellow (per meter)
Feeler gauge tool 0.05 > 1.00mm
Flywheel puller M19x1
Flywheel pullerset universal
Ignition breaker point with cable
Ignition capacitor solder
Ignition capacitor with nut
Ignition coil bracket MLM
Ignition HPI 210 (2-Ten) CDI unit
Ignition HPI 210 (2-Ten) stator
Ignition HPI 210 (2-Ten) with light 12V 40 watt universal
Ignition inner rotor HPI 068 Tomos universal
Ignition inner rotor PVL rotor
Ignition inner rotor PVL Tomos universal
Ignition inner rotor Selettra KZ Tomos universal
Ignition Kokusan CDI unit
Ignition model Bosch electronic coil
Ignition model Bosch felt washer
Ignition model Bosch ground plate (also Iskra / Ducati)
Ignition spark tester tool
Light resistor universal
Micrometer M14x1.25
Multimeter digital AC / DC
Multimeter digital Jumbo AC / DC
Soldering iron 30 Watt
Spark plug brush

€ 2,25

Spark plug cable 5mm thin
Spark plug cable 7mm thick
Spark plug cable 7mm thick orange
Spark plug cap transparent
Spark plug Champion L86C
Spark plug Champion P82M
Spark plug cover with light
Spark plug key 21mm
Spark plug key T-Handle
Spark plug NGK B10HS
Spark plug NGK B5HS
Spark plug NGK B6HS bulk pack 10 pieces
Spark plug NGK B7HS
Spark plug NGK B7HS bulk pack 10 pieces
Spark plug NGK B8HS
Spark plug NGK B9HS
Spark plug NGK BR10HIX Iridium
Spark plug NGK BR8HIX Iridium
Spark plug NGK BR9HIX Iridium
Spark plug wrench long version
Spark plug wrench Retro version
Start Bendix Tomos E-start
Terminal block 6mm 12-piece
Tin solder 1mm 60 gram
Wire loom Tomos A3 front
Wire loom Tomos linker
Wire loom Tomos Pack'R with switches
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