16 inch 2.25x16 Kenda K252 white wall inner tube / tire set Tomos

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555137S 555137S 555137S Kenda
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  • Brand: Kenda
  • Model: 555137S


  • Kenda tire package deal!
  • 2x Kenda 2.25x16 white wall tire with street profile!
  • 2x Kenda TR-4 tube
  • Top quality tire that make the classic look even more beautiful!
  • Tires type: TL / TT
  • Tires load index (Li): 31 (109 kg) 
  • Tires speed index (Si):  L (120 km/h)

Note: Please note that whitewall tyres always turn yellow. This happens due to influences of (sun) light UV, weather influences, aggressive cleaning agents, liquids and exhaust gasses. This process takes effect immediately after the UV coating or protective film is removed from the tyre.

K252 white wall tyres sometimes already contain some slightly yellow spots on the white wall out of the packaging. This can easily be washed off with soap and water.

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Product specifications

Tire size16 inch
Tire width2.25
White wallYes
Tire profileStreet
Tires load index31 (109 kg)
Tires type (TT / TL)TT (tube type)
Tires speed index L (120 km/h)

About Kenda

Kenda tyres, another brand we have been selling for years, good quality street tyres or semi-slick tyres. Kenda's white wall line is specially developed for us, for your Tomos a very good brand with lots of choice at a nice price.