Parts that make your Tomos engine growl

In our webshop you will find all engine parts to get your Tomos AT50 / NTX50 running (again) and to keep it running as it should. Cylinder and head, carburettor, air filter, manifold, pistons, exhausts, crankshafts, clutch, gaskets and you name it. Everything is available from stock so you can quickly continue tinkering...

We will find the part you need!
If you are not sure which part you need exactly, we will be happy to help you. Please contact us by email. Or if you want to travel the world on your Tomos, you are more than welcome to stop by at our warehouse!
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As the world's biggest shop in Tomos parts, we have a name to keep up, so we only buy parts from the better manufacturers and brands.
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Engine parts

2-stroke oil Castrol A747 Racing (2x Offer!)
2-stroke oil Castrol A747 Racing (5x Offer!)
2-stroke oil Castrol Power 1 (12x offer!)
2-stroke oil Castrol Power 1 (2x offer!)
2-stroke oil Castrol Power 1 (4x offer!)
2-stroke oil Castrol Power 1 Racing 1 liter (4x offer)
2-stroke oil Eurol Formax + clutch-oil (combi-offer!)
2-stroke oil Eurol Formax 2-stroke (1 liter x 4 bottles)
Air filter oil Malossi 250ml
Clutch-oil ATF Eurol 1 liter
Clutch-oil ATF Eurol 250ml
Clutch-oil ATF Eurol 250ml 4 bottles
Clutch-oil ATF Eurol 250ml refreshment-kit
Exhaust nut M6x25 brass long
Exhaust nuts M6 allen MBR
Filter oil Putoline 600ml
Fuel filter alu BIG
Fuel filter Alu BIG 2 black
Fuel filter Alu BIG 2 blue
Fuel filter Alu BIG 2 gold
Fuel filter Alu BIG 2 green
Fuel filter Alu BIG 2 Red
Fuel filter Alu BIG 2 silver
Fuel filter alu blue BIG
Fuel filter clear small
Fuel filter OMG alu clear 6mm
Fuel hose 5x8mm black (1 meter)
Fuel hose 5x8mm blue (1 meter)
Fuel hose 5x8mm purple (1 meter)
Fuel hose 5x8mm red (1 meter)
Fuel hose 5x8mm white (1 meter)
Gasket paper 0.15mm 195x475mm
Gasket paper 0.20mm 300x450mm
Gasket paper 0.30mm 300x450mm
Gasket paper 0.40mm 300x450mm
Gasket paper 0.50mm 300x450mm
Gasket remover MoTip 500ml
Head gasket 50cc (38mm) 1.0mm
Hose clamp Malossi (10 pieces)
Ignition breaker point with cable
Ignition coil bracket MLM
Ignition inner rotor Selettra A11
Ignition inner rotor Selettra KZ universal
Ignition Kokusan CDI unit
Liquid gasket Elring Curil T2
Liquid gasket Elring Dirko HT red
Liquid gasket Mahsil black 250ml
Liquid gasket Mahsil red 250ml
Nuts and rings cylinder / head M7
Piston stop tool M14x1.25
Spark plug cable 5mm thin
Spark plug cable 7mm thick
Spark plug cable 7mm thick orange
Spark plug cap Champion PR05M
Spark plug cap NGK LB05F
Spark plug cap transparent
Spark plug Champion L86C
Spark plug Champion P82M
Spark plug cover with light Elec
Spark plug NGK B10HS
Spark plug NGK B5HS
Spark plug NGK B7HS
Spark plug NGK B8HS
Spark plug NGK B9HS
Spark plug NGK BR10HIX Iridium
Spark plug NGK BR8HIX Iridium
Spark plug NGK BR9HIX Iridium
Terminal block 6mm 12-piece
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