All Tomos frame parts you need

We really have everything that you can mount on your frame of your Tomos AT50 / NTX50. Tyres, shocks, grips, cables, mudguards, exhausts, handlebars, headlights, counters, saddles... You name it! Everything...

Really customise your Tomos!
Besides standard parts, we also have a lot of cool items to personalise your Tomos. Such as unique mudguards, speedometers/ gauges and stickers. Are you looking for race- and cross-parts? You can find them here as well! Everything (okay, -almost- everything) is in stock, so it will be shipped to you in no time.
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Frame parts

Aufkleber Polini 3-Teilig
Brake cable nipple new type
Brake lever nipple for Tomos
Cable nipple brake cable 6x14mm
Handle grips black 24mm / 22mm
Handle grips carbon look 24mm / 22mm
Handle grips drop green 24mm / 22mm
Handle grips drop grey 24mm / 22mm
Handle grips drop red 24mm / 22mm
Handle grips Flame red 24mm / 22mm
Handle grips Retro creme 24mm / 22mm
Handle grips Tribal blue 24mm / 22mm
Handle grips Tribal red 24mm / 22mm
Mirror bar-end version Bumm left
Mirror bar-end version Bumm right
Mirror round clamp version Bumm
Mudguard Tomos original
Mudguard Tomos universal
Mudguard universal
Plate nut speednut M5
Plate nut speednut M6
Sticker Polini 12x4cm
Sticker set Malossi 10-pieces
Sticker Tomos black / gray v1
Sticker Tomos black / gray v2
Stickerset KTM 12-piece
Stickerset Malossi 3D 3 pieces

€ 8,95 € 4,95

Stickerset sponsor Shell / Alice
Stickersheet carbon-look 25x35cm
Taillight big model
Taillight big Monza
Taillight Maltese cross black
Taillight Maltese cross chrome
Taillight small black
Taillight small carbon
Taillight small chrome
Taillight small chrome glass diamond pattern
Taillight small chrome Lexus style
Taillight small glass carbon
Taillight Vespa style
Tomos sticker black
Tomos sticker white
Valve caps piston blue
Valve caps piston gold
Valve caps piston red
Valve caps PVC black
Valve caps set aluminium Malossi
Valve Caps Set Bullit blue
Valve Caps Set Bullit gold
Valve Caps Set Bullit red
Valve Caps set dice black
Valve Caps set dice blue
Valve Caps set dice red
Valve Caps Set hand grenade gold
Valve caps set LED clear
Valve Caps Set piston black
Valve Caps Set Piston blank alu
Valve Caps Set piston purple
Valve Caps Set spike purple

€ 3,05 € 1,75

Valve caps spike black
Valve caps spike blue
Valve caps spike clear
Valve caps spike gold
Valve caps spike red
Wheel protector set
Anti fray nipple

€ 0,15

Cable nipple 6x9mm
Cable nipple 8x15mm
Cable nipple 8x9mm
Cable nipple throttle cable 5x7mm
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