16 inch 2.25x16 Deestone D800 all weather tire with inner tube set

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13014 13014 13014 Deestone
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  • Brand: Deestone
  • Model: 13014


Deestone D800 SET!.

  • 2x D800 2.25 x 16 street profile.
  • 2x innertubes
  • Tires type: TL / TT
  • Tires load index (Li): 31 (109 kg) 
  • Tires speed index (Si):  L (120 km/h)
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Product specifications

Tire size16 inch
Tire width2.25
White wall
Tire profileStreet
Tires load index31 (109 kg)
Tires type (TT / TL)TT (tube type)
Tires speed index L (120 km/h)

About Deestone

Deestone, our best-selling tyre, top quality, wear-resistant and good grip are just some of the qualities of these tyres. We stock the largest range of Deestone tyres for Tomos.