Kneadable Mix alumium 56 gr

Brand: Mahotec
Model: 201995
Status: In stock

Kneadable Mix aluminum 

  • 56Gr


For use as a sealant. Fills holes, scratches and abrasions in tank containers, barrels, pipes, etc. Quick to form and easy to shape. Suitable for drilling, tapping, sandblasting, sawing and painting. Adheres to most surfaces such as metal, wood, plastic, concrete and ceramics, even on damp surfaces. Mix cannot be used under water.

Parts to be repaired must be clean and free of oil and grease. Roughening increases the strength. Knead the required amount of Mix for approx. 20 minutes until an even colour is achieved and the material becomes warm. Then apply Mix to the parts and shape them. Mechanical processing can be carried out after approx. 20 minutes. Do not process outdoors below 5 degrees. Temperature resistance from -50 degrees celcius to 180 degrees celcius, temporarily up to 300 degrees celcius. Dripping time approx. 3-4 minutes. Touch dry 8 to 10 minutes. Final strength after 24 hours.

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