Rear luggage carrier top case SHAD SH29 - 29 liter

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110226 110226 110226 SHAD
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The SH29 is a compact and practical top case, made with high-quality reinforced polypropylene and with capacity to hold a modular helmet and gloves. With curved shapes and smoked reflector, it's a basic model of SHAD's range. It has the perfect size for Tomos mopeds and scooters.

It features the Press Lock System, a simple and hermetic pressure lock. Like all SHAD motorbike cases, it can be opened and closed with one hand, without the need for the key to open it. The key is only used when we want to lock it in place. 

As the rest of the SHAD motorcycle top cases, it includes the plate and the screws kit.

  • Solid top case from the quality brand SHAD
  • Designed in Barcelona, Spain
  • Fits 1 helmet and extra space
  • Capacity: 26 liter
  • Maximum weight: 3 kg
  • Easy to mount with adapter, mounting plate D1B29PAR is included
  • If you are using it on a Tomos, please order the optional attachment carrier on which the mounting plate attaches. This is because some luggage carriers slope up slightly. (see related products)
  • Length: 38cm
  • Width: 40cm
  • Height: 30cm
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Product specifications Rear luggage carrier top case SHAD SH29 - 29 liter


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About SHAD

SHAD S.L. is market leader company in the production of motorbike seats and cases for the world's leading OEM brands in the motorbike industry. With all phases of the product (design, engineering and production) from our development and production centre in Barcelona, SHAD makes products to the main motorbike factories in Europe, the United States and Asia.