Tomos handlebars and accessories 

We have a large assortment of original and custom handlebars for Tomos Flexer and everything else that goes with them: such as bells, throttle bodies, mirrors, steering dampers, steering rolls, indicators and even a nostalgic horn. And indispensable when touring: phone and GPS holders. From brands such as Bumm, DMP, Domino, Lusito, HP Racing and Polini.

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Steering / parts

Bell chessboard 55mm black
Bell ding-dong chrome big
Bell Widek black with stickerset
Bell Widek chrome with stickerset
Cable adjusting bolt M6x35mm
Cable adjusting bolt M7x45mm
Cable adjusting bolt M8x45mm
Handle bar universal alu small DMP
Handle bar universal low black
Handle bar universal low chrome
Handle bar universal Motocross black
Handle bar universal straight chrome
Handle bar universal U-model black
Handle bar universal u-model chrome
Handle clutch / choke handle alu
Handle clutch / choke handle black
Handle grips black 24mm / 22mm
Handle grips carbon look 24mm / 22mm
Handle grips drop green 24mm / 22mm
Handle grips drop grey 24mm / 22mm
Handle grips drop red 24mm / 22mm
Handle grips Flame red 24mm / 22mm
Handle grips Retro creme 24mm / 22mm
Handle set brake lever Tomos new model with switch right
Handle set right Amal Classic
Handlebar clipon kit 28mm black MLM
Hex nut M6 galvanized
Horn curlhorn handlebar
Ignition lock 5-plug Tomos various models e-start original
Mirror bar-end version Bumm left
Mirror bar-end version Bumm right
Mirror round clamp version Bumm
Mirror round clamp version chrome
Mirror TNT F11 Millenium carbon M8
Mirror TNT F11 Millenium chrome M8
Self-locking nut M6 galvanized
Switch with holder original Tomos
Showing 1 to 234 of 234 (1 pages)