Spokes, separate and complete sets

Do you have rusty spokes? Is your wheel missing one or more spokes? Are some spokes bent or otherwise damaged? Here you will find spokes for all wheel and rim sizes, 12, 17 and 19 inch. Single spokes, but also complete sets. Not sure which spokes you need? Contact us and we will help you quickly.

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Spoked wheels and spokes

Ball bearing grease Kroon 65ml
Hub brusher black 75 cm
Hub brusher blue 75 cm
Hub brusher Germany 75 cm
Hub brusher green 75 cm

€ 4,10 € 3,10

Hub brusher Holland 75 cm
Hub brusher red 75 cm
Hub brusher set rainbow
MoTip Wheelcleaner 600ml
Motul Chrome Polish 500ml
Penetrating oil MoTip 400ml
Rim 16 inch 1.40x16 spoke Tomos A35 front + rear set
Spoke covers black (2x 38 pieces)
Spoke covers black (36 pieces)
Spoke covers blue (2x 38 pieces)
Spoke covers red (2x 38 pieces)
Spoke covers red (36 pieces)
Spoke covers white (2x 38 pieces)
Spoke kit 160mm universal / Sparta Lucky
Spoke wrench tool
Spoke wrench tool Simson A-quality
Wash glove micro fiber for rims
Wheel protector set
Showing 1 to 48 of 48 (1 pages)