Parts for Tomos

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Tomos specific

Blind nut rivet set steel 150-pieces
Blind nut rivet tool 41-pieces
Blind rivits assortment 500-pieces
Block engine mounting bolt M8x70mm
Body Washer M10 galvanized big
Clutch crankshaft nut M10x1
Crankshaft flywheel nut M10x1
Engine bracket bolt M8x80mm
Nut M10x1.5 galvanized
Nut M12x1.25 galvanized
Pump nail pliers with rivets
Self-locking nut M6 galvanized
Swingarm nut M12x1.25
Swingarm nut M12x1.25 selflocking
Washer M10 stainless steel
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