Mechanical Tomos Youngst'R parts that get you going

What is more fun than tinkering on your Tomos Youngst'R? Riding your Tomos of course. But everything that moves, wears out. No matter how well you maintain your Tomos, mechanical parts like brakes, chains, handles, sprockets, wheels, axles, fork parts and brake parts have to be replaced at a certain moment. And you can find them here!

Complete assemblies and loose parts

Mechanical parts keep your Tomos in motion and, due to wear and tear, will at some point have to be (partially) replaced. You can order complete sets, such as wheels that you can immediately mount under your Tomos, but also separate spokes sets and rims.

Partial or complete replacement?

Sometimes you do not have to replace a whole component, but only a part of it. That way you can save hundreds of euros! Not quite sure? Contact us and our Tomos fanatics will tell you exactly what you need.

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