Accessories for Tomos ignitions

Here you can find all kinds of accessories to assemble, connect and power up your Tomos ignition. Batteries, spark plugs, spark plug cables, spark plug spanners, voltage regulators, mounting plates, cooling grids, cable shoes and all kinds of tools like cable shoe pliers, micrometers, feeler gauges and so on.

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Electronic accessories

Battery AA Duracell / Procell
Battery AA Philips (16 pieces)
Battery AAA Varta
Cable grommet ignition Tomos 2L / 3L
Clutch and flywheel locking key
Electric cable black (per meter)
Electric cable blue (per meter)
Electric cable brown (per meter)
Electric cable green (per meter)
Electric cable red (per meter)
Electric cable shoe assortment 100-pieces
Electric cable shoe assortment 150-pieces
Electric cable yellow (per meter)
Feeler gauge tool 0.05 > 1.00mm
Flywheel puller M19x1
Flywheel puller M27x1 Buzetti (HPI 2-Ten)
Flywheel pullerset universal
Fuse plug standard 19.1x5.1mm 7.5 Ampere
Ignition spark tester tool
Insulation tape electric black 15mm
Light resistor universal
Micrometer M14x1.25
Micrometer M14x1.25 timing clock by Polini
Multimeter digital AC / DC
Multimeter digital Jumbo AC / DC
Piston stop tool M14x1.25 for Tomos
Plug super seal 2 pins complete universal
Plug super seal 3 pins complete universal
Soldering iron 30 Watt
Spark plug brush

€ 2,25

Start Bendix Tomos E-start
Starter for Tomos A35 / A55 E-start replica
Switch engine kill button with harness
Switch engine killswitch frame mount red
Tin solder 1mm 60 gram
Wire loom Tomos A3 front
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