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Bearing and seal overhaul set for Tomos A35 / A52 / A55

Model: 200804
Status: In stock

14-pieces bearing and seal kit for Tomos 2 speed automatic crankcases for Tomos A35 / A52 / A55 with kickstart
Set with 6x ball bearings, 3x needle bearings, 3x seals and 2x circlip for the following parts (see exploded view).

Order this set together with the required gaskets, clutch ATF oil, 

Bestel de benodigde pakkingen, versnellingsbak/koppelingsolie, any other parts for a complete engine overhaul! (see related products)
Tip, order a question mark spring and the O-rings for the drive sprocket also:

Do you have a model with pedals? Then you also need the pedal crank seal 16x24x7.

€ 90,10

€ 78,50

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