Everything for mounting on and to your Tomos Classic frame

Whatever frame parts you are looking for to complete, repair or customise your Tomos Classic, we have almost everything in stock. From luggage carrier to headlight, from handles to exhausts, from frame brackets to the smallest bolts, nuts and rubbers. Always from top manufacturers. The parts even come with some good (free) advice if needed.

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Frame parts miscellaneous

Autosol Plastic Cleaner paste 75ml
Autosol RustEx 250ml
Autosol Scratch Remover 75ml
Basket Basil Cairo small black
Basket bracket for Tomos black
Basket Tomos original black
Carrier rear Tomos A3 / A35 black
Centerstand spring 80x1.6mm
Centerstand spring 84x2.0mm
Chain lock MKX 120cm black
Chain lock MKX 90cm ART ***
Cover cap M6 nut black
Cover cap M6 nut white
Cover cap M8 nut black
Cover cap M8 nut white
Footrest kit passenger foldable
Fuel cap sponge antraciet
Fuel cap sponge dark blue
Fuel cap sponge green
Fuel cap sponge light blue
Fuel cap sponge red
Fuel cap sponge white
Fuel cap sponge yellow
Grommet 31x15mm

€ 1,00

Grommet for cable (a piece)
Ignition lock 5-plug Tomos various models e-start original
License plate mounting set black
License plate mounting set blue
License plate mounting set white
License plate mounting set yellow
Luggage carrier strap grey universal
Luggage elastic 2x 100cm
Metalino Steel wool fine 200 gram
Moped cover

€ 20,90

Mudguard Tomos universal
Mudguard universal
Nut M12x1.25 galvanized
Pedal key 9.5mm / 43mm
Pedal key 9mm / 42mm
Pedals Union 265H classic black
Pedals Union brown with reflector
Pedals Union classic white
Pedals Union replica black block
Pedals Union with reflector
Pedals Union with reflector white
Plate nut speednut M5
Plate nut speednut M6
Race fairing body type 1 universal

€ 245,00 € 225,00

Race fairing body type 2 universal

€ 259,00 € 247,00

Race mesh black universal
Race mesh blue universal
Race mesh gold universal
Race mesh red universal
Race mesh silver universal
Race mesh white universal

€ 6,90 € 4,90

Rust Arrestor Rust Conditioner 250ml
Rust Arrestor Tanksealer 1K 500ml
Side cover rubber Tomos (a piece)
Side cover Tomos Wizzard and engine spoiler set unpainted
Silent rubber M6

€ 2,95

Silent rubber M8

€ 2,50

Star lock washer 10mm
Star lock washer 12mm
Swingarm nut M12x1.25
Swingarm nut M12x1.25 selflocking
Swingarm Tomos A3 / A35 square black
Swingarm Tomos A35 original black
Tank Cure Epoxy Remover 500ml
Tank Cure Rust Remover 500ml
Tank Cure tankcoating 450 gram
Tank Cure tankcoating 450 gram set
Tank Cure tankcoating 600 gram
U lock 70x300mm

€ 21,90

Washer ring M12

€ 0,38

Showing 1 to 222 of 222 (1 pages)