Tomos saddles for miles!

The saddle is a part of your Tomos Classic that suffers a lot. No matter how well you look after your Tomos, due to causes such as rain, sunlight, UV radiation and intensive use, the saddle can crack and wear out. With our wide collection of saddles, buddy seats, chopper saddles and all kinds of accessories, you can ride like a king, and give your Tomos the look you want....

From original to a sporty look
Do you want to keep your Tomos as authentic as possible, then choose our original Tomos saddle. Do you want to sit racy or do you often take someone with you on the back? Then you can go for a buddy seat or duo seat. Plenty to choose from.
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Saddle / Delen

Bag Tabor tool bag leather cream
Duoseat rear carrier black for Tomos
Duoseat rear carrier Xtreme
Duoseat rear carrier Xtreme white
Saddle Tomos with Accu tray original E-start
Seat race Polini 910 black (Nero)
Seat tool tray Tomos A35 original
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