We know all parts by heart and also have every engine part 

Even the smallest part is indispensable for the good riding performance of your Tomos. Here you will find: oil, studs, bearing sets, racing clutches, fasteners, bolt and nut sets, kickstart pedals, pedal rubbers, engine mounts, studs, tie rods and you name it! Among others from the brands Tomos original, DMP, NTS, Eurol, Surflex and Castrol....

Large range of small engine parts
We have a large stock in our warehouse of all kinds of - often small but no less important - engine parts, we have grown to become the largest Tomos parts webshop in the world! Delivered from our warehouse shop in Wageningen. Feel free to drop by, with or without Tomos, if you need anything.
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Engine miscellaneous

Bearing and seal overhaul set for Tomos A3 (with pedals)
Bearing and seal overhaul set for Tomos A35 / A52 / A55
Bearing bush gear Tomos A35 / A55
Block engine mounting bolt M8x70mm
Clutch axle Tomos 2L / 3L 75mm
Clutch axle Tomos 2L / 3L 85mm
Clutch axle Tomos 2L / 3L circlip
Clutch hub 1st gear Tomos A3
Clutch hub 1st gear Tomos A35 / A55
Clutch hub 2nd gear Tomos A35 / A55
Clutch puller / inside rotor
Clutch spring Tomos 2L / 3L
Clutch Tomos A3 1st gear complete
Cooling case outside Tomos 2L / 3L
Drive shaft Tomos A35 / A55
Engine bracket bolt M8x80mm
Engine chain 32 links original
Exhaust stud M6x30 hardened
Exhaust stud M6x35
Fan Cover Tomos 2L / 3L
Fill plug for Tomos 2L / 3L black
Fill plug for Tomos 2L / 3L grey
Flywheel / kickstart cover plate
Front sprocket nut various Tomos A35 + seal
Gear shaft Tomos 3L 11-17-19
Hex nut M7 galvanized
Hex nut M8x1.25 galvanized
Hose clamp 20 - 32mm
Hose clamp clip 8mm (a piece)
Kickstart axle Tomos A35 / A55
Kickstart axle with sprocket Tomos A35 / A55 complete
Kickstart pedal pen and spring Tomos A3 / A35 / A55
Kickstart pedal pin 9.5mm / 65mm
Kickstart pedal rubber
Kickstart pedal rubber A-quality
Kickstart pedal Tomos various models original chrome
Kickstart pinion Tomos A35
Kickstart pinion Tomos A55
Kickstart spring Tomos 2L / 3L
Kickstart sprocket Tomos A35 / A55
Kneadable Mix alumium 56 gr
Kneadable Mix Metal 56 gr
Main shaft Tomos A35 / A55
Main shaft with gear sprockets Tomos A35 / A55 complete
Maintenance Kit Tomos A35 big

€ 31,45 € 27,50

Maintenance Kit Tomos A35 small
Maintenance kit universal

€ 24,59 € 21,50

MoTip engine paint aluminium 400ml
MoTip engine paint black 400ml
Nut M6 25mm 3D

€ 0,85

Nut M7 25mm 3D

€ 1,09

O-ring assortment set 225-pieces
Oil cap Tomos various models
Pedal key 9.5mm / 43mm
Pedal key 9mm / 42mm
Rubber Gear lever Tomos 4L
Start Bendix Tomos E-start
Tomos 4L 5th gear sprocket set
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