Tomos petrol hoses, fllters and more

Here you will find our range of petrol hoses, valves and filters for Tomos A3, A35, Revival, 2L / 3L / 4L etc. In all shapes and sizes. And in both modest and striking colours (even gold!) and designs, so choose the one that best suits your Tomos. These parts are from brands such as DMP, Jubilee, Malossi and OMG. Need help? Contact us and we will help you further.

Fuel crane / filter / hose

Fuel filter alu BIG
Fuel filter Alu BIG 2 black
Fuel filter Alu BIG 2 blue
Fuel filter Alu BIG 2 gold
Fuel filter Alu BIG 2 green
Fuel filter Alu BIG 2 Red
Fuel filter Alu BIG 2 silver
Fuel filter alu blue BIG
Fuel filter clear small
Fuel filter clear small red
Fuel filter OMG alu clear 6mm
Fuel hose 5x8mm black (1 meter)
Fuel hose 5x8mm blue (1 meter)
Fuel hose 5x8mm purple (1 meter)
Fuel hose 5x8mm red (1 meter)
Fuel hose 5x8mm white (1 meter)
Fuel hose clamp plier tool
Fuel hose connector 6mm black
Hose clamp 20 - 32mm
Hose clamp clip 8mm (a piece)
Hose clamp Malossi (10 pieces)
Hose clamps assortment 26-pieces
Hose clamps assortment 40-pieces
Oil hose connector 17x3.5mm
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