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Manual MVT electric ignition 12V with light for mopeds with a 90mm base plate like Tomos A3, A35, Puch E50, ZA50 and Z50 engines but also for Kreidler. When installing this ignition, the 6V bulbs of the lighting must be necessarily replaced with 12V. There is a voltage regulator 12V 100W needed. 

Cable from stator:

  • Cable red-black: Connect with CDI cable red-black
  • Cable yellow-green: Connect to ground
  • Cable yellow: Luminous flux unregulated 0-25V. Attach to nr 1. Plug of voltage regulator
  • Cable white: Charge current unregulated 0-25 V. Attach to nr 3. plug of voltage regulator (only required for vehicles with battery.) The total light and charging current must not exceed 55 W.

Cable from CDI:

  • Cable red-black: connect with cable red-black from stator
  • Cable white-black: connect with engine turnoff button
  • Cable orange: connect to ignition coil
  • Black cable: connect to ground ignition coil
  • Cable blue: limited ignition to approx. 5'000 rpm. Tip: Install switch, then the final speed can be throttled.

Voltage regulator:

  • Pin 1 = cable yellow from the stator
  • Pin 2 = put earth cable on frame
  • Pin 3 = cable white from stator (ATTENTION: see note above!)
  • Pin 4 = vehicle lighting (regulated current for lighting)

Ignition adjustment: 

Put the piston in the upper dead center position, the red line on the rotor must coincide with the notch on the stator, observe the direction of rotation. 

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