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With the gear ratio, you can very simply influence the traction or top speed of your Tomos, provided you have enough power. As a front sprocket, most models use a 26-tooth sprocket. The rear differs depending on whether it is a 25 km/h or 45 km/h model. In addition, models like a Revival and Streetmate also have a different rear sprocket. The models with small wheels like the Tomos Funtastic also have different sprocket ratios.

Below a few examples. Of course, you can also take 26 or 28 teeth as the rear sprocket, for example, if you don't want to go too fast but are looking for something in the middle to match your setup.

Flat and concaved front sprocket

Most Tomos models have a flat front sprocket, a few models like the Tomos Revival and Pack'R with a wide rear wheel have a concaved front sprocket so the chain is in the correct line.


Torque or top speed?

Do you want lots of torque / fast acceleration? Fit a large rear sprocket, but do keep in mind that this does reduce your top speed.

Do you want more top speed? Fit a small rear sprocket, this will give you less acceleration but if you have a fast setup you can compensate this.

With a large rear sprocket, you do have to make sure you don't overrev.

Tomos A3 / A35 / Flexer / Quadro / Luxe / Standard / Taxxity / S25 / Wizz'rd

25 km/h

45 km/h

Tomos Revival / Streetmate

With the Tomos Revival, pay attention to which rear hub you have. It is available as a 4 or 5 hole rear sprocket.

25 km/h

45 km/h

Tomos Funtastic / Funsport R

25 km/h

45 km/h

Tomos Youngst'R

25 km/h

45 km/h

Calculating the gear ratio

You can theoretically calculate your gear ratio very easily.

Here are a few examples 

  • 26/33 = 0,78
  • 26/31 = 0,83
  • 26/28 = 0,92
  • 26/26 = 1,00
  • 26/24 = 1,08
  • 26/22 = 1,18
  • 28/33 = 0,84
  • 28/31 = 0,90
  • 28/28 = 1,00
  • 28/26 = 1,07
  • 28/24 = 1,16
  • 28/22 = 1,27
  • 31/33 = 0,93
  • 31/31 = 1,00
  • 31/28 = 1,10
  • 31/26 = 1,19
  • 31/24 = 1,29
  • 31/22 = 1,40

If you spin 6000 rpm with a 26/22 ratio, then your rear wheel spins 6000x1.18=7080 rpm. If you spin 6000 rpm with a 26/33, your rear wheel will spin only 4680 rpm. So with a 28 or 31 front, your rear wheel will spin even more revolutions = higher speed. Based on this, you can calculate for yourself and ultimately decide what you like.

Front sprocket 27 teeth

Some Tomos riders choose for a front sprocket with 27 teeth, this is possible but doesn't fit directly. You have to grind a piece out of your crankcase to get this combination to fit. Below is an example with a 27-tooth sprocket.

Tandwiel 27

Replace front sprocket

On a Tomos, there is a large front sprocket nut with a spanner width of 30mm. The easiest way to dismantle it is to use a 30mm pipe spanner. In our assortment, you will find the Matador 30/32mm pipe spanner which fits perfectly to easily (dis)assemble your front sprocket nutPipe socket spanner 30mm / 32mm for (dis)assembly Tomos sprocket nut Matador

Matador pijpsleutel
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