We have another fun new product for you, namely the Jamarcol Sidepipe for Tomos A35! This is the first ready-to-use sidepipe available for a Tomos. With this exhaust, you are guaranteed to stand out and turn your moped into an eye-catcher.

The exhaust contains a silencer and is therefore a nice quiet exhaust with a nice dull sound. The exhaust elbow has an outer diameter of 28 mm. The sidepipe is available in chrome and black. Includes Euro2 bracket, so also fits later model Tomos models

We tested the exhaust. The exhaust comes out best on a set-up with a 65cc cylinder or more. Watch the assembly video along with Mafketel Stijn!


  • Outer diameter: 60mm
  • Inner connection diameter: 25mm
  • Connection outer diameter: 28mm

YouTube: Jamarcol Sidepipe exhaust 28mm for Tomos A35 chrome / black

YouTube: Stijn Mafketels project update
YouTube: Stijn Mafketels project update
Stijn has made some progress with his project....
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