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Here a easy conversion package to convert your 25 km/h Tomos A35 with reed valve cylinder, so you will have enough power to reach 45 km/h with a 22 teeth rear sprocket using stock (looking) parts without using a fast aftermarket upgrade cylinder.

This set contains the following parts:

  • Cast iron cylinder 50cc (with the cylinder set)
  • Piston 38mm 50cc with sleeves (replica) with 12mm pin;
  • High pressure head model as original (black);
  • Gasket set with a head gasket, base gasket, 22mm exhaust gasket and 2x reed valve gaskets;
  • 5mm jets sizes 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 en 62 so you can easily adjust your Tomos;
  • Manifold without restriction (with hole for oil hose connection);
  • Uitlaat Tecno STD 22mm chrome standaard look, passend op zowel Euro1 als Euro2 frame.


  • Before ordering the set, check whether you can easily disassemble your cylinder. This is because sometimes the cylinder can be pretty stuck to the studs, which does require some force to disassemble. Also check that the cylinder has no big scratches and that is still usable.
  • A standard Tomos A35 moped 45 km/h has a rear sprocket with 22 teeth. Order this one along. Tip: a chain and sprockets wear into each other, always replace as a set. (see related products)
  • After mounting this set, you need to adjust the ignition if you have an electric 4-coil ignition without pick-up, order a flywheel puller and piston stopper along. (see related products) If you have an ignition with pick-up, you don't have to do anything. Here you will find a manual on how to adjust the ignition.
  • With this set, we use the original Dellorto SHA 14/9 carburetor with a larger nozzle. If you want, you can also replace this for a Dellorto SHA 14/12, but with the original this set will also work. (see related products)
  • In this kit, we use the standard air filter box. Unscrew it and remove the restrictor.
  • If there is no oil pump on your Tomos, order along an M6x10 bolt to seal the hole in the manifold. (see related products)
  • The gasket kit includes an old model base gasket, if you have large coil ports order a new model foot gasket along.
  • Order new reed valvebolts yourself, depending on whether or not you have a starter motor (e-start) (see related products).

YouTube: Convert a 25 km/h Tomos to 45 km/h!

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