Welcome to our latest video! In this episode, we will explore how to upgrade your Tomos scooter without breaking the bank. For less than €100, we can achieve a lot of performance improvements. Let's get started right away!

Cylinders: From 50cc to 65cc

We'll start with the cylinder section. If you currently have a moped and want to upgrade to a scooter, a standard cast iron cylinder is a good option. For a few extra euros, you can even add a meteor piston, which performs better than the standard one. Additionally, this set includes a moped piston and a booster port, which make the transition from moped to scooter easier. You can also opt for the Airsal 50, an aluminum cylinder that is lightweight and powerful, all for under €100.

Carburetion: 15mm to 16mm

A good carburetor is essential for performance improvements. Sets often come with a 15mm SHA carburetor. However, you may consider upgrading it to a 16mm by replacing the center bushing. This provides better airflow and more power. You can also consider a Bing 19mm replica carburetor, which still falls under €100.

Exhaust Systems: Power and Sound Options

For the exhaust system, we have various options. The circuit pipe is a powerful expansion exhaust that offers plenty of torque. If you prefer to stay quiet and go for a sleeper look, you can choose a 28mm universal header in combination with a resonator cigar. Another option is the Master Supersport exhaust, specifically designed for Tomos scooters. This exhaust performs exceptionally well and is ideal for a 65cc setup, all under €100.

Conclusion: Budget-Friendly Performance Gains

It's remarkable that you can upgrade your Tomos scooter to a 65cc setup without exceeding the €100 mark. With the right cylinder, carburetor, and exhaust, you can enjoy improved performance and more power. Don't forget to check the comments for other suggestions under €100 to boost your Tomos.


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