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Moped Maintenance and Preparation for 2023 - Tips & Tricks

In this video, presented by Stijn, we go in-depth on essential steps to get your moped roadworthy for the summer season. Whether you already ride your moped regularly or plan to do so, this video contains valuable tips and tricks to ensure that you can enjoy your rides safely and without problems.


In this video, we take you through a comprehensive checklist for preparing your moped for the 2023 travel season. We discuss step by step important aspects that you should not overlook.

1. Lighting and safety:

Make sure your lights work, not only for your own safety but also to avoid fines. Check that both front and rear lights are working properly, including high beams.

2. Tire tread:

A crucial aspect of safe driving is adequate tire tread. We explain why this is important and indicate when you should replace your tires.

3. Carburetor and Fuel System:

Find out how to maintain your carburetor and why it can affect your moped's performance.

4. Brakes and brake lights:

Checking the brakes and brake lights is vital to your safety on the road. Learn what to look for.

5. Spark plug and ignition:

Find out how to check the spark plug and when to replace it. Ignition is also discussed.

6. Chain and Sprockets:

We show you how to check the condition of your chain and sprockets and why it affects the performance of your moped.

7. Gasoline System:

This video explains why checking your gas tank and hose is important to avoid unwanted problems on the road.

8. Cables and Wiring:

Find out how to inspect the condition of your cables and wiring and why this is crucial for a smooth ride.

9. Additional tips:

Finally, we offer additional tips, such as using a protective coating for your moped to prevent rust.

Don't miss this valuable information and prepare your moped in the best possible way for the upcoming summer season. Remember to stay tuned to our video updates by subscribing to our channel and turning on the notification bell. We hope this video helps you get on the road safely and have fun. Thanks for watching and until the next video!


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